PTC Psycho-therapeutic Trauma Coaching

Tools & Strategies for Daily Life

This form of coaching is a growth model that focuses on healing.

Taking the steps together to heal trauma
Whether it’s for interpersonal relationships, business, or working through early childhood or complex trauma, changing any negative thought patterns, developing a greater capacity for inner space …….when we work together therapeutic Coaching is very effective..

I have recently developed a Coaching model, as an alternative to psychotherapy called: Psycho-Therapeutic-Coaching, with a focus on Emotion Education.

The therapeutic coaching model: For those that are wanting to be more proactive and engaged in your own healing trauma process, developing your own Tool Box, learning to use Power Tools that will be instrumental in: working with : anxiety, depression, negative thought patterns. therapeutic approach to regulating (stabilising) the nervous system, working with traumatised emotional parts. And many more….
In the coaching sessions you will learn how and when to use the essential tools. As well as  learning how to integrate.

How to essentially learn the art of practice,  to guarantee the desired outcome.

This healing growth model using ancient techniques,  will help you to be fully connected and use your full potential.

Are you aware of how emotions affect every area of your life?

In North America depression, stress and anxiety have gone beyond epidemic levels.
90% of emotional reaction comes from the past; only 10% has to do with what is happening presently.

Learning and applying the 4 Essential Keys, with the right practice will be “life-changing”

And much more…
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Coaching is interactive; a combination of Developing Psychological and emotional intelligence, as well Practice.