Psychotherapy & Therapeutic Coaching

Helping You Navigate Your Emotions Mindfully and Effectively

Developing the capacity to become resilient. Experience transformation and aliveness.

Fundamentally we are all unique – creative human beings – wired for health, growth, and healing. Yet anxiety, depression, stress, in the Western world have gone beyond epidemic levels.

My approach to therapy and coaching revolve around two major components .

(1) Mindful awareness, developing the capacity to Observe your own experience, without judging.                             

(2)  And  therapeutic transformation.  Changing reinforced negative thought patterns and beliefs. developing new wiring. And emotional patterns that are hard wired into the nervous system,

My priority is working together developing a safe secure container where you can feel connected. The experience of emotional safety and being validated, is
the beginning of healing.  


As a psychotherapist, I have developed and refined effective approaches and techniques that enable me to work deeply, using somatic approaches and incorporating : mindful awareness, neuroscience, and more.

I believe we don’t heal through thinking and talking. We heal through feeling, and experiencing.

Therapeutic Coaching 

Whether it’s for interpersonal relationships, business, or working with early childhood core beliefs, changing negative thought patterns, developing a greater capacity to be empowered, ground inner peace…working together, Therapeutic Coaching is very effective.


Mindfulness is the ongoing ‘Practice’ of becoming fully and deeply Aware of the present moment, cultivating a quality of Attention into Awareness without judging.

A Journey Of 1000 Miles Begins With One Step.

~ Lao Tzu

Often at a very early age a false sense of self develops, this false self is based on core emotional beliefs about yourself that most often are distorted and unrealistic, yet  these beliefs  truly defines who you think you are , affecting your sense of self worth, your values and deeply affects your aliveness, relationships, creativity and action, in fact all areas of life are affected. Beliefs are wired into the nervous system affecting every area of your life.
Psychotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Coaching,  as  well as incorporating (an (essential) mindfulness practice can actually create new wiring  that will enhance a sense of well-being .
I have practiced mindful meditation and self-inquiry for over 40 years (which includes a regular two-hour daily meditation practice) I believe mindfulness  is the key to developing : self- awareness compassion, acceptance, resilience  and more……

Welcome to my practice.

NOW is the time for change. Are you ready to move forward?