About Alan Davis

I believe one of the most valuable contributions that I bring to my profession is being committed to my own healing process.

I have developed a great capacity to be open and attune myself in a deeply compassionate way when working with clients.

I have many passions which include-Meditation Practice,  Studying and applying Eastern Philosophy, Psychotherapy-specialising in healing all forms of trauma, Coaching- my niche is; managing emotions effectively /working therapeutically with emotions.  I love writing , as well as teaching and always open to learn. 

I have extensive psychotherapy and coaching training in several modalities, as well as many years of practicing and teaching mindfulness groups on a regular basis in Toronto, Mexico, currently mostly online, including teaching managing emotions effectively workshops, 

Prior to psychotherapy I was an entrepreneur in business, owning and operating salon spas in the UK and Canada. I developed a profound interest in listening and speaking to people, which has helped me enormously as a practicing psychotherapist.

Education and specialty training:

My early foundational training began as a psychodynamic psychotherapist and over a period of time incorporated mindfulness psychotherapy. Currently, I’m deeply involved in somatic therapy and somatic therapeutic coaching /body-mind-oriented therapies, incorporating neuroscience, re-wiring the nervous system.

Education includes studies at the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy,

As a therapist/coach,

I am involved and active in the therapy and coaching community and regularly interact with other therapists and coaches. In addition I am committed to learning and keeping current by continuing to attend trainings, workshops, and supervision; this enables me to provide the best therapy for you.

I find great joy and growth from a steady meditation and yoga practice, writing, teaching, and studying philosophy.

I’ve been practicing meditation and self-inquiry for over 40 years and have a strong interest and involvement in personal and spiritual growth including Eastern philosophies such as Advaita Vedanta, Non-Duality and Buddhist Psychology.