We cannot regulate or manage emotions (or anything) that we are not aware of.

Another term for the Mindfulness process is “being with”. An ancient practice that originates from the East.

Scientific Research has shown that learning mindful awareness can: calm there mind body, reducing anxiety, stress, depression, pain, suffering. and much more.

Mindfulness is about paying attention, moment by moment, without judgement or criticism. It is about letting go of the past and the uncertainty of the future.” And being Fully Present in the moment. Another way of describing mindfulness presence is : embodied awareness the that allows compassion, acceptance and much more to naturally arise within.

Mindfulness is a profound tool that can help develop the capacity to create inner space, presence and observe and maintain a neutral position and much more.
Mindfulness can be used effectively to calm, but that’s only the beginning! Then we can go deeper and discover our true authentic Self

Mindfulness is about paying attention on purpose, moment by moment, without judgement.

It is about letting go of the past and the uncertainty of the future and being fully present in the moment.

This phenomenal practice is based on mind-body sciences, focusing on mindfulness to empower individuals in dealing with stress, anxiety, We will practice the ancient techniques of sitting, walking, movement meditation, and other mindfulness practices which we can then incorporate into modern daily living — allowing us to live a more empowered and joyful life.

It’s time to move forward.