Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, & Trauma

“Talk doesn’t cook the rice”

 We are able to gain insight in talk therapy. Although healing doesn’t happen through talking,  healing takes place through feeling and present moment experiencing.

Psychotherapy is a relational journey. We work closely together on everything that is important to you and exploring new possibilities in a safe environment with trust, respect, openness and strict confidentiality.

The two primary modalities, of Psychotherapy that I work with that our really effective:

Mindful psychotherapy

Client learns to develop the capacity to be able to witness/ observe their own experience in the therapy process. – “witnessing presence”.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Experiencing is essential, the only effective way to access the root cause of all emotional wiring/patterns, is in the body, all experience is held and remembered in the body, “Implicit Self. The  non verbal feeling sense that is held in the body. Unconscious, out of awareness.

Using  a somatic approach  with mindful awareness ,  we will be working  together  exploring  ‘Emotion’ –  Core Emotions and core emotional  Beliefs, old patterns, a false self  that defined who you believe you are and  became wired into your nervous system from a very early age. We will be developing  new wiring , that will  be transformative,  enabling you to  reconnect to your True Self.  You will be able to feel more alive and authentic.

Working with Habitual Suffering

Suffering can be defined as a “constant squeeze.

The good thing about that constant squeeze is we are forced to deal with life head on. Except those times when we are more resistant and avoidant .

Bring the courage to practice in small ways, every day.
Then when squeezed we can gently open to the (unconscious) habitual ways we’re squeezing life right out of us. The ways we keep ourselves small.

It’s time to move forward.