About Alan Davis

Alan Davis is a Psychotherapist-Traumatologist, a somatic therapist specializing in trauma resilience, working with everyday attachment trauma, complex trauma and PTSD. He started his early foundational training as a psycho-dynamic psychotherapist and over a period of time incorporated mindfulness psychotherapy and is currently deeply involved in the somatic/body-mind oriented therapies, incorporating present moment experience and neuroscience- “An embodied somatic awareness approach”

Alan’s foundational training was with the CTP Centre For Training in Psychotherapy- Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

In addition his extensive training modalities include: 

  • AEDP -Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy
  • SMI -Sensori Motor Psychotherapy. MT-Mindfulness Therapy
  • IFS -Internal Family Systems Therapy -working with emotional parts
  • Healing Shame Practitioner
  • EFT -Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples
  • Mindful Therapy
  • Certified Life Coach -specializing in; Managing Emotions Mindfully
  • Certified F.I.X Code Practitioner -erasing negative emotions using ancient technology.

Alan is a visionary deeply involved in meditation; psychology, writing, teaching and philosophy are part of his everyday life. He has been practicing meditation and self-enquiry for over 40 years. On a daily basis he incorporates a regular two-hour daily meditation practice.

With a strong interest and involvement in personal and spiritual growth and continues to be involved in many Eastern philosophies, such as Adviata Vedanta, Non-Duality, Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy. He practices yoga and continues to teach mindfulness meditation as a way of becoming more present, alive – authentic and living life more fully.

For several years Alan enjoyed the entrepreneurial and creative aspects of business management in the UK and Canada having previously developed and managed a successful beauty business.

After being involved in his own inner journey he found great satisfaction in becoming a facilitator for others in the area of personal and spiritual development. He has dedicated his life to leading others toward living a more creative life with greater potential and freedom.

Currently Alan practices psychotherapy, and is a MEM-Managing Emotions Mindfully Life Coach, Mindfulness Practice teacher using MBCT-Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and MBS-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to groups and individuals.

Alan is writing two books, healing trauma and a self-help guide to living life authentically.  He believes that the application of mindfulness meditation into daily life is essential and he encourages others to find a way to support and incorporate a daily practice as well as developing an essential scientifically based toolbox into their lives.

Let me help you realize your potential.